About Us

Welcome to High Caliber Company, where the essence of the outdoors meets the precision of a crafted luxurious lifestyle. Born in the Cleveland, Ohio, High Caliber Company is more than a beard oil brand; it's a commitment to authenticity, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence.

Meet the driving force behind High Caliber Company – Joey and Jett. Two ambitious young men, aged 22 and 23 when started, united by a shared vision and a relentless passion for creating something extraordinary. Hailing from the vibrant Cleveland area, they have dedicated themselves to crafting natural beard oils that not only elevate your grooming experience but also mirror the high standards they uphold in all facets of life.

High Caliber Company is a testament to the belief that age is no barrier to ambition. Pouring everything they have into this venture, Joey and Jett are redefining the standard for beard care. Every bottle of our natural beard oils is a result of their dedication to quality, authenticity, and a commitment to the values that define the American standards.

What sets High Caliber Company apart is not just the carefully selected natural ingredients but the ethos we bring to the table. We believe in a high standard of living – from the products we create to the way we approach life. We are craftsmen, and each bottle is a testament to the meticulous attention we bring to every aspect of our journey.

At High Caliber Company, we invite you to experience more than just a grooming routine; we invite you to join a movement. A movement that values authenticity, craftsmanship, and the relentless pursuit of a high-caliber life.

Elevate your grooming experience. Join us at High Caliber Company – where precision meets passion.